Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to Start Writing an Essay

No one can say that writing a particular section of an academic essay is easy, but all students agree that the hardest part of the essay writing process is the beginning itself. It is crucially important to capture the reader’s attention right from the start and engage them to read the entire piece without being bored. These tips will help you surpass the intimidating impression of a blank page:

1. Introduce what the essay is about

Of course you need to make the introduction interesting to read, but you should still tell the reader what the topic is about. One of the biggest mistakes essay writers make is writing a broad introductory paragraph that has nothing to do with the essence of the paper. In the beginning of the essay, you should establish the context of your approach towards the topic and limit the following discussion within a logical frame.

2. Set your focus

When thinking “how should I start to write my essay?” it is very important to narrow the topic and direct the reader towards a specific thesis. Your reader must understand what the central issue of your discussion from a single paragraph. Think about your ideas and present the issues you will be covering. In other words, write a solid thesis statement that will set the tone and focus of your essay.

3. Orient your reader

If you read an incredible essay written by a famous writer, you will notice that the introduction provides explanations and pieces of information that are important for the understanding of the discussion. This is exactly what you should do! For example, if the reader doesn’t know anything about the First Amendment, you cannot skip quoting it and going directly to presenting the issues associated to it. You should always suppose that the reader isn’t introduced to the topic you are covering.    

4. Limit the length of the introduction

If you are wondering how long the beginning of your essay should be, you should take the proportions of the entire piece into consideration. When you are working on a basic essay that’s not longer than 5 pages, the introduction shouldn’t take more than two paragraphs.

5. Choose your introductory strategy

In order to make a great opening, you can present the information and facts that’s important for the topic, and find an interesting anecdote, question, or quotation associated to the focus of your discussion. Whatever you do, you should always have in mind not to mislead the reader.
Remember: you can always go back to edit the paper and add more relevant details as you think of them, so don’t get stuck with the introduction and carry on without losing motivation. If you find yourself unable to write an extraordinary piece no matter how hard you try, you can always rely on professional essay writing help.

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