Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Top Writing Tools of Classic and Contemporary Writers

When you enter into the world of a new book, you are completely mesmerized by its author’s imagination. Haven’t you always wanted to do the same for someone? We can rely on hundreds of apps and tools that boost our productivity and help us find inspiration, but the writings of an average person simply don’t have the same effect when compared to George R. R. Martin’s work.
Clearly, creativity doesn’t have to be forced with modern tools, and the following infographic proves that by presenting you the favorite tools of some of the most famous writers. The world keeps evolving and technology has changed every single aspect of our lives, but one thing has remained the same: everything a talented writer needs is a piece of paper and a pen (well okay, maybe a typewriter for some) to bring a new story to life.
This is what your favorite books were written with!  
Infographic Source: NinjaEssays

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