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NinjaEssays Review: Can Students Safely Rely on This Custom-Writing Service?

NinjaEssays review

NinjaEssays.com attracts attention as one of the most affordable and reliable custom-writing agencies on the market. This service has already received praise by students who have used its services, but let’s see how it performs when evaluated by a product quality specialist from the eCommerce niche.

Is the website safe enough for students to provide their contact info? Is their risk of delegating writing assignments to professionals justified by the final result? Let’s examine different aspects of this company and come up with a final conclusion.

Reviewed Features

A successful company in the custom-writing industry needs to be evaluated according to the following criteria:
1. User experience;
2. Safety of payments and refund policies;
3. Availability and reliability of the support system;
4. Quality of the final product;
5. Available deadlines and timely delivery, and
6. Quotes per page and price reductions.

In the continuation of this review, you’ll find detailed information about the company’s performance according to these factors.

Ease of Use

Some writing services ask you to sign up just to get access to the order form. Throughout my experience with online companies, I realized that it’s not convenient to create profiles at different websites just to become aware of their offer. First of all, it’s dangerous to provide your name and email when you don’t know what kind of service you’re dealing with. Plus, you’ll save valuable time if you avoid this unnecessary step.              

The fact that you can get all needed information without creating an account at NinjaEssays.com is really beneficial. You have access to the Terms and Conditions, list of services, prices, and customer support as soon as you land at the website. The transparency of the company is a big plus in the eyes of a potential user.

Now let’s see how easy it is to place the order. You’ll immediately locate the Order now button at all pages of the website. It’s everywhere! When you click on it, you’ll be taken to a simple order form that requires your contact information, as well as the details about your paper. The registration, description, and payment stages are combined in a single step. This makes the entire ordering experience very convenient for the customer.

When you place an order at NinjaEssays.com, you’ll need to provide the topic and type of paper you want to order. You’ll also need to include information about the urgency and quality level (Standard, Premium or Platinum). Then, you’ll set the length of your paper and you’ll get an automated estimation of the price. Don’t forget to provide your own guidelines for the paper’s completion. You’ll get the best results if you provide detailed information.

The company enables its customers to select helpful extras for excellent results: order fulfilled by top 10 writers in the relevant category; professional proofreading; VIP Service package, and preferred writer’s ID for returning customers. You can complete the order form in less than 10 minutes, but make sure to be as attentive as possible at this stage, since your input determines the convenience the overall experience.  

Payments and Refunds

It’s really important for a student to choose a safe company that protects the payments according to the highest security standards. The payments at NinjaEssays.com are processed by Authorized.Net, so that should give you enough confidence. This payment gateway does not store your data, so you can rest assured that the details of your transaction will be safe from third parties. The company accepts Discover, VISA, American Express, and MasterCard. If you hold any of these cards, it will be easy for you to place an order.

Now, let’s examine the refund policy. The company offers a Money Back guarantee, which means that you can get a refund if you decide to cancel the order or you’re not happy with the results. Let’s see how this policy is elaborated in the Terms and Conditions.

You can send a request for refund or cancellation via the Order Messaging System or by email. The company will provide a partial or total refund if you don’t get the content by the specified deadline and if the final product does not correspond to the instructions you initially provided. If you request your money back because of bad quality, the company will ask you to back up those claims with strong reasons and examples. When you provide a list of violations, the request will be forwarded to the Quality Assurance Department and you’ll get the refund upon their approval.

Remember: you need to send the refund request within 72 hours after you get the completed order. Otherwise, you won’t be eligible for any refunded amount.

These policies are very fair both for the company and the customers. Since the writers deliver 100% unique products, the company has to protect their work from unethical refund requests. Everyone gets their money back if the service fails to live up to its guarantees.

Effectiveness of the Support System

NinjaEssays is known as a company that’s always available for its customers. The customer service agents are accessible 24/7 via live chat, so you can easily rely on their assistance during the order’s placement and at any point from there on. In addition to the messaging system, the service also offers a phone number and email contact. The agents do not provide random answers; their goal is to contribute towards the company’s reputation and boost the user’s experience at the website.

Let’s not forget the fact that you can also contact the writer of your order at any stage of the process.

Quality of Products

This is possibly the most important factor of evaluation for any eCommerce product quality specialist. What level of quality do the customers of NinjaEssays get? We need to take a look at the writers’ qualifications before we can come to any conclusion.

This company hires only MA and PhD writers who are trained to complete various types of academic projects on topics that belong to their area of study. Let’s say that you want to order a case study for your psychology course project. Depending on the level of quality you choose, the company will pair you with a writer who holds an MA or PhD in psychology. That means that your author will already have the needed base of knowledge, so he will develop a believable discussion based on strong arguments and facts.

Although you’ll deal with an educated writer at NinjaEssays.com, you’ll still have the lead. The final result will be custom-tailored according to your instructions, so you can always hope to receive top-quality content that meets your professor’s expectations.

Range of Deadlines

It’s really important for a customer to get the expected product without any deadline violations. At NinjaEssays.com, you get a guarantee for timely delivery. You have ten deadlines to choose from when placing an order for an essay and other simpler papers: from 10 days to 3 hours. Of course, the urgency options for more complex projects are not the same. If you want to order a dissertation, you’ll need to allow the writers to work for a longer period of time, so the available deadlines range from two months to 48 hours.

If you need a huge piece of content, the company won’t accept to complete the order within the shortest timeframe. Note that the writers start working on each project from scratch, so you have to allow a reasonable deadline. However, if the company accepts your order and processes the payment, you won’t have to worry about the due date because you’ll be protected with a guarantee for timely delivery.

Price Quotes and Discounts

You don’t need to create a profile or contact an agent to learn what the final price of your project would be. There is a concise price chart that gives you the quote per page for the type of project, deadline, and quality level you need. Essays come with prices from $15.99 to $52.99 per page, whereas dissertations are priced from $18.99 to $46.99 per page.

Note that there is always a possibility to get a discount at this website. As a new user, you can apply a code at the checkout to receive 25% off. When you return for more services, you’ll get 5%, 10% or 15%, depending on the number of pages you accumulate. You can get a lower price if you contact the live support, so take your chance and talk to an agent before placing the order.

Summary: Is NinjaEssays.com a Good eCommerce Site?

NinjaEssays.com is a successful website that performs well in different aspects. The customer can easily find the needed information and place an order through a simplified process. The company protects the customers with policies for refunds and safe payments, so students have great chances of getting the expected results.

The customer support agents are available 24/7/365 through several contact options. The team of writers is very versatile, so you’ll be matched with a qualified writer for any order you place. When your order at NinjaEssays.com is processed, the company will guarantee its timely completion. Finally, the affordable quotes distinguish this company as one of the most cost-effective choices in the academic writing industry.

NinjaEssays is a smart choice for students and other clients who want to receive custom-written content of highest quality for a competitive price.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Art of Essay Writing for Math Students

Students are often confused when it comes to academic writing. They have no idea where to start and how to conduct a thorough research. College students who picked Math as a major are focused on developing practical skills and like to deal with numbers, not words. Imagine their surprise when they have to write math essays too!
It doesn’t matter what college major you chose and how you want to proceed with your education or career; there is practically no way to avoid essay writing, so you might as well try to become better at it. Don’t worry; it isn’t as scary as it seems. As a math student, you are clearly inspired by challenging tasks, so consider these papers as an important part of your journey.  
The following tips and tools will help you face essay writing like a champ!


The first thing you need to do before tackling a topic is think about it. This is not a math problem you can solve instinctively; the process of academic writing requires careful planning and consideration. You’ll love the brainstorming part, though; you can set your mind free and write any idea you think of.
In these early stages, your mind is not influenced by the research, so you’ll get the most genuine ideas.


You know structure is important! Think about the different components of the paper, take notes and create an outline that will present your arguments. Then, you can proceed to the following stage.

Efficient research

If you don’t have a specific plan before digging into academic and scientific resources, the research stage will consume huge amounts of time. Now that you have a guiding point, you can conduct a systematic research.

Write as you think

You are a math student, so you understand the importance of clarity. Don’t be afraid of unique ideas and strong arguments; just try not to be outrageous when you’re writing for a conservative teacher.

Edit it!

Now that you have the structure and essence of your essay; it’s time to make it perfect. No matter how tempted you are, don’t even think about skipping this stage.

Essay Writing Tools for Math Students

If you can’t write that essay no matter how hard you try, it’s time to start using tools and websites that will help you achieve your goals. You don’t have to waste time looking for the best ones; here are the best academic writing tools and resources for math students:

Research Topics

If you can’t think of a topic for your essay, this is the website you should turn to. You will surely find something interesting in the list that features different categories. In addition to topic suggestions, the website also offers useful links and resources that will help you conduct a research.


What’s the best solution when you cannot write an essay no matter how much you try? You turn to paper writing service NinjaEssays, of course. At this website, you can hire professional writers from different categories and get a perfect piece of content by your deadline. You can place an order for editing, too!

Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus

There is always room for improvement when it comes to vocabulary. This tool will help you add depth to your sentences and find replacements for the repetitive words in the content.

MatchWare MindView

If the brainstorming process is too confusing for you, a mind map will help you organize your thoughts. MindView is an exceptional mind mapping software that enables you to brainstorm, organize your ideas, and present them in a clear structure.

WhiteSmoke Essay Writing Software

WhiteSmoke software provides you with a punctuation tool, an online dictionary, and enrichment software in a single package. If you need step-by-step tips to complete your essays, this is the tool to choose.

Are you ready to work on your writing skills? Having Math as a major is no excuse; you still have to submit great essays for nearly all courses if you care for your academic success. The tips and tools listed above will help you stay on track.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Write an Excellent IELTS Essay

When you are faced with a limited amount of time to develop an IELTS topic into a full-length essay, you can easily get overwhelmed. Everyone tells you that practice, commitment and strong focus will lead to great content, but it’s not easy to get practical advice that will help you write an exemplary essay.  
In the continuation, you will find tips that will make you confident enough to tackle this challenge!

1. Analyze the model answers!

Different questions require a different approach. Depending on the model of IELTS question you get, you will need to pick the right way of answering it.
Here are some of the IELTS model questions you might face: advantages and disadvantages, problems and solutions, causes and effects, causes and solutions, discuss two opinions, compare and contrast, and agree/disagree.                  
The key to a successful essay is to read the question carefully and realize what type of answer it needs.

2. Plan!

Many writers like to skip this part, but end up with lukewarm content that doesn’t grab the reader’s attention. If you have a specific outline in your head, the writing stage will flow effortlessly.

3. Write!

This essay should follow the basic structure of introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, but you need to make it shorter. In the introduction, you should present some basic facts associated to the topic and briefly explain what you are going to write about.
An IELTS essay is consisted of 2 or 3 body paragraphs, so make sure to think of separate arguments for each of these sections. Once the body of your essay is ready, you can write a short conclusion. In this paragraph, you should re-state the main idea of your essay and write the final thoughts.

Extra tips on IELTS essay writing

  • Remember: you need a lot of practice even if you are a great essay writer. Make a list of the mistakes you typically make and make sure to avoid them when you’re writing the real IELTS essay.
  • Don’t write generally. Read the question carefully and think of all specific details you can include.
  • Stick within the word limit! If you are required to write a 250-word essay, you mustn’t submit a shorter piece. However, you shouldn’t write too many words either, since you’ll be left with many mistakes and no time for correction. Ideally, you should aim for 20-30 words above the minimum.
  • Leave time for proofreading! It is important to remove all grammatical errors and improve the vocabulary before submitting the test.
  • Learn from professional writers. If you have no experience in essay writing, then it’s recommended to order content from a custom essay writing service and see a real expert in action. This experience will help you face the challenge with greater confidence.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to Start Writing an Essay

No one can say that writing a particular section of an academic essay is easy, but all students agree that the hardest part of the essay writing process is the beginning itself. It is crucially important to capture the reader’s attention right from the start and engage them to read the entire piece without being bored. These tips will help you surpass the intimidating impression of a blank page:

1. Introduce what the essay is about

Of course you need to make the introduction interesting to read, but you should still tell the reader what the topic is about. One of the biggest mistakes essay writers make is writing a broad introductory paragraph that has nothing to do with the essence of the paper. In the beginning of the essay, you should establish the context of your approach towards the topic and limit the following discussion within a logical frame.

2. Set your focus

When thinking “how should I start to write my essay?” it is very important to narrow the topic and direct the reader towards a specific thesis. Your reader must understand what the central issue of your discussion from a single paragraph. Think about your ideas and present the issues you will be covering. In other words, write a solid thesis statement that will set the tone and focus of your essay.

3. Orient your reader

If you read an incredible essay written by a famous writer, you will notice that the introduction provides explanations and pieces of information that are important for the understanding of the discussion. This is exactly what you should do! For example, if the reader doesn’t know anything about the First Amendment, you cannot skip quoting it and going directly to presenting the issues associated to it. You should always suppose that the reader isn’t introduced to the topic you are covering.    

4. Limit the length of the introduction

If you are wondering how long the beginning of your essay should be, you should take the proportions of the entire piece into consideration. When you are working on a basic essay that’s not longer than 5 pages, the introduction shouldn’t take more than two paragraphs.

5. Choose your introductory strategy

In order to make a great opening, you can present the information and facts that’s important for the topic, and find an interesting anecdote, question, or quotation associated to the focus of your discussion. Whatever you do, you should always have in mind not to mislead the reader.
Remember: you can always go back to edit the paper and add more relevant details as you think of them, so don’t get stuck with the introduction and carry on without losing motivation. If you find yourself unable to write an extraordinary piece no matter how hard you try, you can always rely on professional essay writing help.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Top Writing Tools of Classic and Contemporary Writers

When you enter into the world of a new book, you are completely mesmerized by its author’s imagination. Haven’t you always wanted to do the same for someone? We can rely on hundreds of apps and tools that boost our productivity and help us find inspiration, but the writings of an average person simply don’t have the same effect when compared to George R. R. Martin’s work.
Clearly, creativity doesn’t have to be forced with modern tools, and the following infographic proves that by presenting you the favorite tools of some of the most famous writers. The world keeps evolving and technology has changed every single aspect of our lives, but one thing has remained the same: everything a talented writer needs is a piece of paper and a pen (well okay, maybe a typewriter for some) to bring a new story to life.
This is what your favorite books were written with!  
Infographic Source: NinjaEssays