Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Art of Essay Writing for Math Students

Students are often confused when it comes to academic writing. They have no idea where to start and how to conduct a thorough research. College students who picked Math as a major are focused on developing practical skills and like to deal with numbers, not words. Imagine their surprise when they have to write math essays too!
It doesn’t matter what college major you chose and how you want to proceed with your education or career; there is practically no way to avoid essay writing, so you might as well try to become better at it. Don’t worry; it isn’t as scary as it seems. As a math student, you are clearly inspired by challenging tasks, so consider these papers as an important part of your journey.  
The following tips and tools will help you face essay writing like a champ!


The first thing you need to do before tackling a topic is think about it. This is not a math problem you can solve instinctively; the process of academic writing requires careful planning and consideration. You’ll love the brainstorming part, though; you can set your mind free and write any idea you think of.
In these early stages, your mind is not influenced by the research, so you’ll get the most genuine ideas.


You know structure is important! Think about the different components of the paper, take notes and create an outline that will present your arguments. Then, you can proceed to the following stage.

Efficient research

If you don’t have a specific plan before digging into academic and scientific resources, the research stage will consume huge amounts of time. Now that you have a guiding point, you can conduct a systematic research.

Write as you think

You are a math student, so you understand the importance of clarity. Don’t be afraid of unique ideas and strong arguments; just try not to be outrageous when you’re writing for a conservative teacher.

Edit it!

Now that you have the structure and essence of your essay; it’s time to make it perfect. No matter how tempted you are, don’t even think about skipping this stage.

Essay Writing Tools for Math Students

If you can’t write that essay no matter how hard you try, it’s time to start using tools and websites that will help you achieve your goals. You don’t have to waste time looking for the best ones; here are the best academic writing tools and resources for math students:

Research Topics

If you can’t think of a topic for your essay, this is the website you should turn to. You will surely find something interesting in the list that features different categories. In addition to topic suggestions, the website also offers useful links and resources that will help you conduct a research.


What’s the best solution when you cannot write an essay no matter how much you try? You turn to paper writing service NinjaEssays, of course. At this website, you can hire professional writers from different categories and get a perfect piece of content by your deadline. You can place an order for editing, too!

Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus

There is always room for improvement when it comes to vocabulary. This tool will help you add depth to your sentences and find replacements for the repetitive words in the content.

MatchWare MindView

If the brainstorming process is too confusing for you, a mind map will help you organize your thoughts. MindView is an exceptional mind mapping software that enables you to brainstorm, organize your ideas, and present them in a clear structure.

WhiteSmoke Essay Writing Software

WhiteSmoke software provides you with a punctuation tool, an online dictionary, and enrichment software in a single package. If you need step-by-step tips to complete your essays, this is the tool to choose.

Are you ready to work on your writing skills? Having Math as a major is no excuse; you still have to submit great essays for nearly all courses if you care for your academic success. The tips and tools listed above will help you stay on track.

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