Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Write an Excellent IELTS Essay

When you are faced with a limited amount of time to develop an IELTS topic into a full-length essay, you can easily get overwhelmed. Everyone tells you that practice, commitment and strong focus will lead to great content, but it’s not easy to get practical advice that will help you write an exemplary essay.  
In the continuation, you will find tips that will make you confident enough to tackle this challenge!

1. Analyze the model answers!

Different questions require a different approach. Depending on the model of IELTS question you get, you will need to pick the right way of answering it.
Here are some of the IELTS model questions you might face: advantages and disadvantages, problems and solutions, causes and effects, causes and solutions, discuss two opinions, compare and contrast, and agree/disagree.                  
The key to a successful essay is to read the question carefully and realize what type of answer it needs.

2. Plan!

Many writers like to skip this part, but end up with lukewarm content that doesn’t grab the reader’s attention. If you have a specific outline in your head, the writing stage will flow effortlessly.

3. Write!

This essay should follow the basic structure of introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, but you need to make it shorter. In the introduction, you should present some basic facts associated to the topic and briefly explain what you are going to write about.
An IELTS essay is consisted of 2 or 3 body paragraphs, so make sure to think of separate arguments for each of these sections. Once the body of your essay is ready, you can write a short conclusion. In this paragraph, you should re-state the main idea of your essay and write the final thoughts.

Extra tips on IELTS essay writing

  • Remember: you need a lot of practice even if you are a great essay writer. Make a list of the mistakes you typically make and make sure to avoid them when you’re writing the real IELTS essay.
  • Don’t write generally. Read the question carefully and think of all specific details you can include.
  • Stick within the word limit! If you are required to write a 250-word essay, you mustn’t submit a shorter piece. However, you shouldn’t write too many words either, since you’ll be left with many mistakes and no time for correction. Ideally, you should aim for 20-30 words above the minimum.
  • Leave time for proofreading! It is important to remove all grammatical errors and improve the vocabulary before submitting the test.
  • Learn from professional writers. If you have no experience in essay writing, then it’s recommended to order content from a custom essay writing service and see a real expert in action. This experience will help you face the challenge with greater confidence.

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